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NBCUniversal, DatelineNew York, New York
Working Remotely

09/22 - Now

- Researching breaking news and crime for Dateline story potential in coordination with Senior Editorial Producer
- Assembling research and morning news packages into a Keynote deck to be reviewed by Producer staff, focusing on efficient visual storytelling and adhering to Dateline’s style
- Screening related crime media and writing detailed reports on story potential

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Creative Producer, Sound Designer, Extra #7
Student Series
“On-Set Videographer”

01/21 - Now

Limited mockumentary series,
dir. Andrew C. Nguyen

Production: Oversaw casting of 12 roles, scheduled shoots, and coordinated cast/crew. Overseeing project from pre-pro to distribution.
Post: Foley and ambient sound design in select episodes.

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Listening (2022)
Sound and film piece

Short film and sound piece for KINE 361: Sound Design for Film. An expirement between sight and sound, exploring feelings of solitude and secracy in the home environment.

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Sxneca (2022) Archival sound and film piece

Film and sound piece using found footage from early 1900s New York City, commenting on the development of Central Park where the 19th century Black community, Seneca Village, once stood. The first free Black neighborhood in the city, the area spanned over 5 acres with churches, schools, and cemeteries.

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InternUnited States House of Representatives,
Office of Kathleen Rice (NY-4)
Washington, D.C.
04/2019 - 06/2019

- Led Capitol tours to NY-4 constituents
- Prepared documents for staffers and the Representative
- Took memorandums at hearings/briefings for staff use
- Retrieved signatures on letters and bills throughout the House office buildings to be delivered to Floor for vote

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Gigi Jacobsen is student and filmmaker at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts in Richmond, VA, studying Cinema and Sound Design with an expected graduation in July, 2023.